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Holtain Tanner/Whitehouse Skinfold Caliper

2022 United Kindom ex-works price: £339.75 (excl VAT where applicable)

Holtain Tanner/Whitehouse Skinfold Caliper

This instrument, which has been specifically designed for the accurate measurement of sub-cutaneous tissue, was developed in close collaboration with the London University Institute of Child Health, and it incorporates the recommended principles for standard usage in such measurements.

Measuring range: 0 mm to 46 mm.
Pressure between Anvils (constant): 10 gms/sq. mm.
Nett weight: 0.4 kg
Dial Graduation: 0.2 mm.

Supplied in a leatherette wallet. Weight in wallet: 0.5kg approx.

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Revised standards for triceps and subscapular skinfolds in British children. Arch Dis Child. 1998 April; 78(4): 354-358

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